How To Barter After SHTF

Barter is a dangerous proposition but is a vital and continuous part of life after SHTF. So having a plan for how to go about it is a crucial life saving skill set. Barter Ground rules. Know the going rates – don’t get duped. It doesn’t hurt to be a little dirty and hungry looking.…

Barter is a dangerous proposition but is a vital and continuous part of life after SHTF. So having a plan for how to go about it is a crucial life saving skill set.

Barter Ground rules.

  1. Know the going rates – don’t get duped.

  2. It doesn’t hurt to be a little dirty and hungry looking. This has to be balanced with security needs. So going as a hobo may not work.

  3. Greet the shop keeper in a friendly tone and compliment them on their wares.

  4. Do not give them much personal information about yourself or your group.

  5. Always act as though you are not really in need of any item in particular and you are just browsing.

  6. Be ready to walk away as a tactic to get the price lower.

  7. Do not show them what you are willing to trade until the last moment.

  8. Do not show them everything you have to trade. Hold back what you think they are really interested in and the high value items.

  9. Start haggling at about 50% of listed price (value) if you do not have anything else to go off of. i.e. If they want a pound of rice offer a half a pound.

  10. Point out minor problems with the item, but don’t be insulting. This will help to soften your lower offer.

  11. After the deal is struck, if you made out well in the transaction offer to sweeten the pot a bit in their favor for free. This will help to build a relationship and will help get better prices in the future.

Barter Security At A Marketplace:

  1. Always go in at least three man teams (more is better). One person to watch the horses, bikes, trucks, etc (outer perimeter security). One person to pull inner security for the person who is doing the trading. Try not to be too obvious that you are working in teams if possible. Don’t stand around looking like Captain America.

  2. Do a walk around the perimeter of the market before entering it if possible to look for anyone who is possibly surveilling it or about to ambush it.

  3. Upon arrival do a quick walkthrough the market area itself and scan the area for any signs of trouble before you get to trading.

  4. Establish a rally signal and location in case of trouble. i.e. Whistle, air horn, gun shot, radio, etc.

  5. When leaving the market make sure to take an indirect route home and make sure you are not being followed before you go home.

Barter Security For A One On One Meeting In A Remote Place:

  1. Always do your best to dictate the location of the trade. Do not ever trade at your residence unless you are certain you can trust the person.

  2. Ideally you are looking for an elevated open hillside, with the route of approach for the other people coming up the hill to you where you can see them coming for a long ways. On the opposite side of the hill (the direction you come from), it would be beneficial to have the cover of woods or large rocks, etc approximately 100 to 200 yards from the meeting location.

  3. Ideally you want to have a minimum of 4 shooters with you. 5 total.

  4. 2 long distance shooters arrive at least 2 hours early and create a hide site as far back as they can accurately make a head shot in the conditions, terrain, weather, etc. Keep a low profile and assume that they may try to do the same thing so keep a watchful eye and stay low and quiet. Each shooter should be positioned at your 4 and 8 O’Clock positions so that they will have a clear firing lane to the people standing in front of you.

  5. The other two shooters need to be comfortable with close up quick shooting and should have full armor if possible.

  6. Conduct the trade. There are no off limits trades such as Ammo. Every transaction is filled with the same dangers and not approaching each situation that way is a strategy for failure. See this video for more details on trading for Ammo:

  7. Once the trade is done, leave the area making sure to have one person pull rear security as you back out. If the person pulling rear security walks away in a zig zag pattern they can always keep the other folks in their peripheral vision, until you are well into the wood line.

  8. Be ready for the possibility that you will be ambushed shortly after the trade, make sure to spread the formation out, don’t bunch up and don’t let your guard down.

  9. Don’t take a direct route home, make sure you are not being followed and make sure to double back over your tracks several times to and use as many counter tracking techniques as you can to make your trail hard to follow.

Video on How To Barter In SHTF:

Click here to watch on Youtube:

What suggestions do you have for bartering safely after SHTF? Let us know in the comments below!

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