How to build an Emergency Preparedness Kit

– Hey, everybody. Stephanie with the American Red Cross here and right now, I'm building my emergency kit and I wanna show you what I'm putting in it so that you can build one at home, too. So let's start off with the first aid kit. Very important, got some band-aids, got some gauze, anything you need to help if you get an injury or one of your family members get one.

You'll want drinking water too so you can get some of these emergency packs or you can get bottled water. Here's one version of it, but you could also get one of these gallon containers to fill up with water as well. Ziploc baggy with all the important documents that you do not want to get wet in case there's some flooding or some severe rain so very important to have that as well.

Emergency blanket in case you get cold and need to keep warm. We are experiencing the coronavirus pandemic so it's very important for you guys to just have gloves in your kit, some masks for you and your family members, hand sanitizer, and you'll wanna keep up to date with your local news so this is a hand cranked radio.

Also doubles up as a flashlight so super helpful, two-in-one deal right here. We've got the emergency poncho in case it gets rainy. You don't want to get wet, great to have these in your emergency kit. This is to disinfect, to clean surface areas so keep that with your hand sanitizer. Got some tape, just in case and we always gotta have our phones charged, right, so you want to make sure you've get a battery pack, some extra chargers to keep those phones charged in case you need them, in case of an emergency.

And obviously you want some nonperishable food items so here we've got some cans, got some peanut butter, some granola bars, in case you get hungry and you're not able to get some food. So this is my emergency kit. Hope you can build yours, too.

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