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As with all assets diversification is key, never have all your eggs in one basket. I recommend having 10% gold and silver, 10%cash, 20% in goods, 20% in bank, 20% investments, 10% stocks or bonds, and the rest in real estate.
Never allow yourself to be put into a situation that completely sinks you financially, knowledge of money is a skill many with the preparedness mindset lack. Always pay in full if possible and do not finance anything unless you can leverage that debt in your favor.
Start a barter system NOW, are many ways to do this, if you own land you can allow someone to hunt on it, not for money but taking 1/4 of the meat they harvest or have them cut and split wood for you.
If you have skills then loan yourself out so certain people can get to know you and understand your value, will come in handy with your bartering.
You are the asset, leverage it.


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