I thought it would be interesting to share what preppers are crafting. I believe that being able to craft stuff can be an important skill for preppers as it helps developing creative skills and it can be very useful in situation where you need to achieve something but you don’t have the tool.

Before I go into the details of how I did this, I would like to ask for more data on vacuum jar sealing? I wasn’t able to find a lot of information on how long foods store in these, I guess I am going to find out. I seal jars with a pack of desiccant for humidity.

I have decided to make a vacuum chamber for jar sealing because I wasn’t able to find the jar sealing attachment made for that. Plus the jar sealing attachment only works for one jar while my vacuum chamber can take many jars all at once.

How I did

I have used :

Pretty straight forward to assemble, glue the cap with silicone (glue the pipe, put the cap then put silicone all around the cap to make sure it is air tight), drill a 1/2” hole, add silicone and screw the air adapter in, then add silicone around it. connect the vinyl pipe to the adapter and the brake bleeder (heat the vinyl pipe to push it more easily and also heat will make it more airtight). Wait until it has dried. Add the jars inside the pvc then put the gripper on the other end of the pvc pipe. I use a pair of pliers to screw the gripper.


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