The second failure stage was mainly observed for the flaw inclination angle of 0[degrees] or 30[degrees] in the case of SHTF specimens.

For SHTF specimens, two open flaws were located at stress concentration area, flaw resulted in stress redistribution relative to the SHTF specimen, and flaw tip formed stress concentration, so visible cracks were generated at flaw tips during loading.

(3) In the series of SHTF specimens under uniaxial compression, rock crumb flaking was firstly observed in the process of loading.

Stage I Stage II Stage III Stage IV SHTF 0 * * ** ** 30 * * * ** 60 * * * * 90 * ** * ** THSF 0 * ** ** * 30 * * * * 60 * * * * 90 * ** * * Note.

Cracking and Failure in Rock Specimen Containing Combined Flaw and Hole under Uniaxial Compression

A gun suitable for that kind of unrest definitely fits any SHTF scenario you can imagine from a simple burglary on up.

First, my SHTF gun had to be a rifle, as there are a lot of things a pistol just can’t do.

How many times are you going to need to lock back the bolt with your trigger finger when the SHTF, versus how many times are you going to need to reload?

A SHTF or TEOTWAWKI gun has to be reliable more than anything else, but being able to afford the parts you’ve chosen isn’t a bad idea either.

No SHTF rifle is complete without a flashlight, and I mounted a Magpul base at 10 o’clock on the end of the handguard.

OK, I could pick three or four SHTF guns, depending on the circumstances.

Shoot-out! The best SHTF gun

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